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Welcome to the world of “A Cake of Soap”!
Our soaps are made with only high quality, natural ingredients and packaged without any plastic!

Each Loaf is crafted by hand with love, care and good vibes!

Our soap is Chemical free, Vegan and Hypoallergenic.

Our soap is fragranced with only natural essential oil and natural colourants such as Mica’s or Oxides.

Your loaf will arrive whole (approximately 500g). You get the absolute satisfaction of slicing your loaf into 5 slices/soaps!

Your loaf may be sliced and used immediately! If you so choose, you may store your loaf and slice it when you need to.
Store your loaf in a cool, dry area (such as a bathroom or linen cupboard) away from direct sunlight, cover your loaf with a cloth to protect it from dust. Enjoy the wonderful fresh, clean fragrance as your soap acts as a natural air freshener!
You may slice your loaf as you please, but we suggest slicing into 5 slices approximately 3cm in width. This will give you 5 soaps of approximately 100g, and a perfect size to hold. Use a non-serrated carving knife for the cleanest cut! Remember to wash your knife well before using it in the kitchen again.
Because your soap is full of natural oils it’s important to store your soap properly whilst in use as well! Always keep your soap out of the water away from the direct shower stream, which could cause melting. Store your soap on a good draining soap dish so that it can last as long as possible.

A quality bar of handmade soap will often “sweat” in humid weather due to the high content of natural humectants (such as glycerine). Handmade soaps rich in natural glycerine are the most indulgent of all! When you wash with natural soap there is a thin layer of natural glycerine left behind, which will help draw moisture to your skin to keep it hydrated as well as prevent dryness.
Another reason our soaps may sweat is because we do not use plastic to seal them after they have been made.
We have a plastic free philosophy!
Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your soap and it is not melting, it is safe to use! The wetness, or droplets you may see are just glycerine and other natural humectants doing their job.

Switch from Liquid to Bar #zeroplastic #zerowaste
“Sweating” – Don’t Sweat it! About the Loaf: Slicing & Storing: